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Mandy Rowden is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and generally really nice gal. This is the place to find out about shows, see some pics, connect online, buy albums, and get to know Mandy better. 

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*Girl Guitar is Austin's coolest way for women to get involved with music through guitar, songwriting, voice, band classes, and more...all with wine! 

*Sometimes Mandy plays lead guitar and sings with Cover Girl and it's fun! All chicks rocking covers and throwing a party. What's not to love?


'These Bad Habits' is available and being played around the US and Europe!  

All the time, money, heartbreaks, life lessons, growing up, and loving are paying off in a tangible way....Mandy is in the middle of a successful US tour and 'These Bad Habits', her brand new album, is getting radio play all around the country and in Canada and Europe! Mandy's spring tour includes Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, California, and New Mexico, and later this summer she'll be spending extensive time in Nashville and touring the East Coast. Email her today if there's a venue you'd like to see her in or if you're interested in hosting a House Concert!

You can buy 'These Bad Habits', as well as her older albums 'Live From Opa!' and 'Big Moon' on her website or on iTunes. Stay tuned for more dates to be added to Mandy's 2015 tour calendar and join her mailing list if you haven't already! 

'These Bad Habits' available soon!  

Mandy's new album 'These Bad Habits' featuring Lloyd Maines, Redd Volkaert, Brad Rice, and more will be available on iTunes March 3rd! Join the fun at her big CD Release Party on March 7th, 6pm at Austin's Saxon Pub and get your copy and send Mandy off on her 2015 tour in style. 

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.... 

...so let's have a Christmas Show! I'll be joined by lots of my goofy and wickedly talented friends at the Saxon Pub, one of my all-time favorite South Austin clubs. I haven't actually found out yet if it's ok or not, but there might be some potluck and grown-up hot chocolate happening. Wear something ridiculously holdayish and come get cozy with us! 

Mandy and Friends in Kansas City! 

My name is Mandy and I have Friends, and sometimes my friends and I play music together. However, this time is special because we're going all the way to Kansas City to do it! The Czar Bar is a great spot for live music and we'll be partnering with some new friends from KC to bring y'all the most wickedly awesome Monday night ever.  The bill includes Charlie Mason, Duncan Hill, The Potholder, Mikal Shapiro, Dan Bliss, and Mark Smeltzer and Kris Bruders from Freight Train Rabbit Killer. See you there!

Concert Window shows are actually really fun! I wasn't sure at first.  

When I first got invited to perform on this new online venue I was skeptical, but hey, I'm skeptical in general, so then combine that with being really really lazy and you get Mandy Rowden being "skeptazy". So I skeptazily agreed and fully planned to cancel it until about 5 hours before the show when all of the sudden people started buying tickets and I realized Facebook people CAN read, and they used that skill on MY post! I became slightly "hoptical", which is a more hopeful version of where I started. Fast forward to showtime and a delicious cocktail I whipped up and bam! I'm online and can see my goofy face and people are typing requests, smartass comments, and my favorite "clap clap clap!!" (Side note: when typing your applause, the exclamation points are really where it's at; otherwise I can't tell if you're "slow clapping", "golf clapping", or worse,  "sarcastic clapping", none of which anybody really wants after pouring their heart out in song. Let's have some enthusiasm here!). I played songs, I told stories, I ran my mouth, I "met" some nice folks who bought my CDs and said nice things, I took my first selfie, I wore lipstick. After it was over I was sad but I had a few new "frans" (friends who like my music) and a new story and an excuse to mashup new words. Also, I had a lot more money than I started with, which without fail, makes this chick with the thumbs a happy, thumb-having musician chick. 

I know, I know, "MANDY, WHAT'S THE POINT??" The point is, I'm doing it again and I want to "see" you. I want to tell YOU stories, I want YOU to know I'm still mad at some ex-boyfriend and here's a song about it. I want to wear lipstick for YOU. I want to do all these things on August 30th at 5:30CST. You can connect at the link below, and I super hope, or "sope" that you will.


'Live from Opa!' now available on iTunes! 

Click here to buy 'Live from Opa!' today!

Mandy recorded 'Live from Opa!' in the Summer of 2011 and released it at long last in December of 2013. For those of you not familiar, Opa is a fantastically comfy and unique Greek wine bar in the heart of Austin's South Lamar district, and not only does Mandy play many a lovely show there, some days it's practically her living room, office, and backyard all at the same time. Biggest of thanks to Jackie and Spiro and the entire crazy Opa family for giving Mandy a second home and welcoming all her creative enterprises. Opa is truly one of a kind, and this album is a snapshot of a gorgeous rainy Austin summer night there.

Mandy is accompanied on the album by longtime friend Barry Sell on guitar and the talented and awesome Tanya Winch on harmonies and shakers. 

Hope you enjoy it, and as we like to say (at the top of our lungs) "OPA!".

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