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'These Bad Habits' voted #2 Album of the Year in the Austin Chronicle Music Poll!

Mandy Rowden is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and generally really nice gal. This is the place to find out about shows, see pics, connect online, buy albums, and get to know Mandy better. 



Pre-Order '1,000 Miles' Today!

Alrighty troops, big news! '1,000 Miles' has officially gone to print and the release date is set for September 30, 2016! More to come on release parties and tour, but in the meantime you can PRE-ORDER the album from my online store and have it shipped straight to your door when it comes out! On a selfish note, you doing so GREATLY helps me out as an independent artist and I'm forever grateful. Here is the link to the store and here is the link to the Facebook event, which I'd be thrilled for you to share…

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Look Who's A Songwriter Serenade Semi-Finalist!

Hey folks, thanks for reading this! Lots of fun stuff is happening, so I hope you'll check out my tour dates and website from time to time...I'd love to catch up with you all at a show soon.  

I'm honored and oh-so excited to be selected as one of fifteen semi-finalists in this year's Songwriter Serenade. The live contest and awards ceremony will be held on May 7th from 11-5 at Moravia Parish Hall in Moravia, Tx, so join us if you'd like! More info is on their website at www.songwriterserenade.com. 



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'These Bad Habits' Voted #2 Album of the Year in the Austin Music Awards!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who voted in this year's Austin Chronicle Music Poll...it worked! 'These Bad Habits' wrapped up it's first year of existence with #2 honors in the 'Album of the Year' category at the Austin Music Awards. Wow! Thank you thank you thank you.  

If you haven't heard it yet, please check it out on iTunes or get your hard copy here. I'm really proud of the work put into it and so honored that you folks backed me up on it. Thank you thank you thank you again.  

The new album '1,000…

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SXSW Week Shows

Hey folks, it's SXSW time in Austin again....bring on the fun and crazy! I'm getting my own little slice of the pie and playing some cool stuff, so I hope you'll join me! I generally stay off the beaten path and find so much satisfaction in a gig with good parking, so you can trust me not to lead you too far astray. 

Not in Austin? I'm hitting the road again this summer! Lots of details are coming together but I've listed a lot of dates below. Am I coming near you? Want to host a House Concert? Let's do…

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Saxon Pub Show February 13th!

Hey folks, as I write this I'm listening for the first time  to the first mixes of my brand new album, and it sounds awesome. I can't wait to put all the finishing touches on it and get it out to you! I'm tentatively aiming for September and will be sufficiently bugging you as we get closer. For more info, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Meanwhile, you can catch all the tunes and fun with myself and the band on Saturday, Feb. 13th at 6pm at my favorite South Austin listening room, The Saxon

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